Why should you bet on MMA and Connor McGregor in particular?

MMA stands for “Mixed Martial Arts” which originated in three countries: Brazil, Japan and the United States. The main tournaments held in the early to mid 90s were the Brazilian Vale, the Japanese PRIDE promotion and the North American UFC promotion. It was these organizations that brought this modern sport to the top of the sports industry. The name “MMA” was proposed by one of the founders of this sport, Rick Blum. This article will give you all of the answers you might have about bets in MMA.

For all athletes and fans, MMA is associated with leading American promotions, such as UFC, Pride and Bellator. These promoters are at the forefront of the  fighting industry.  In the USA, this industry is organized at such a level that promotions for fights not only gather full halls of viewers, but also sell broadcast rights around the world. UFC is an absolute leader both among those who fight and who bet on sports.

How to place bets on battles correctly

Watching mixed martial arts  fights is one of the favorite activities of the male half of humanity. Excitement during fights goes off scale, captures everyone, regardless of date of birth, preferences and social status.

Having a good enough understanding of the rules and conditions of conducting battles, you can earn money on this by placing bets on fights with no  rules.


Bets on MMA battles have their unique characteristics. Like in any other sport, you should not think that the bookmaker has made a flawn somewhere and chose the wrong quote. Each quote has a reasoning.

For an objective assessment of opponents, it is necessary to take into account their statistics, the history of fights, especially the latest results. In addition, do not lose sight of the physical and mental state, the systematic training, the rating of the team and the athlete’s coaches. It is important to know and understand the technique of the fighters, which style and school of martial arts is preferred. Take into account the weight category, as each of them has its own battle tactics.

Battle rules

There is a widespread belief that MMA is fights without rules, or without limits.  However, this opinion is wrong, since  there are a wide range of rules and restrictions aimed at preserving the life and health of fighters. The rules also differ depending on which promoter organizes the fight. 

These nuances should be well studied by the player who wants to bet on  fights. It will be very sad  if you do a good analysis of the players t but forget about such a trifle as a rule and lose your money.

History of battles, study of the current form

In general, the strategy for betting on any promouter is  the same. Additionally to default factors such as the amount  of victories, fights fought,  victories by knockout, etc., MMA has its own hooks. For instance, fighters can have absolutely different styles of martial arts as a basic (often they are either boxers or wrestlers), which could definitely influence the whole fight in general.

Among the options available for betting, there are always interesting events that lend themselves to analysis. You can place quality bets only when you have carried out effective preparation. You should be familiar with the peculiarities of these martial arts, be able to correctly assess the form of most fighters and competently analyze the available information. Only in this situation, you can count on both profit and positive emotions from watching the fights.

Who is Conor McGregor and why should you bet on him?

Conor McGregor might be the most famous fighter in this sport of all time. He is famous not only for his technical skills and strength, but also for his controversial and aggressive behaviour. However, that does not change the fact that Conor McGregor has millions of fans all over the world who watch his fights and bet money on his win.

What are the predictions for the next McGregor`s fight?

The third fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier will take place on July 10 at UFC 264 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. In the first fight on September 27, 2014, the Irishman won by technical knockout in the first round. The second meeting – January 23, 2021 – also ended with a technical knockout, but  from Dustin in the second round.

Despite being defeated at UFC 257, Conor is once again the bookmaker’s favorite. Considering the outcomes of the past two fights, bookmakers have no doubts that the final fight of the trilogy will end ahead of schedule. Both fighters are excellent punchers who are unlikely to be careful and bring the meeting to the counting of cards. Conor MacGregor, as always, pampers fans with new workout photos. He is not depressed, but on the contrary, charged with revenge. He hardly needs the UFC belt, but he definitely wants to shine in the trilogy.

However, McGregor should not think that an easy victory awaits him, and the close odds of the bookmakers confirm this. Conor can be considered the favorite, but with a minimal advantage of 53 to 47 in percentage terms. His accuracy and speed are still at a high level, and with competent defense, they will be enough to outplay the very straightforward Porier, who is unlikely to show anything new. Rumors about McGregor’s retirement have been circulating for awhile, but this time it can be the truth. So, he will definitely put maximum effort in this fight.  

McGregor knows this is his last opportunity to make a name for himself and preserve his sport  legacy. In case of defeat, there will be no other chance.

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