The most famous pranks of Conor McGregor

Some sports such as MMA have long understood the golden rule of showbiz that scandals and conflicts are a good way to attract viewers. Fighters often use this rule too. Thereby trying to draw attention not somewhat to the battle itself but to their personality and use this popularity to gain attention, fame and money. Conor McGregor is the athlete who has mastered this rule better than anyone else and is not afraid to use it. Sometimes even going beyond what is permitted.

UFC 223 Bus Assault

April 2018. This moment, perhaps, can be called the starting point that gave rise to a series of high-profile scandals involving McGregor. The league is preparing to host the UFC 223 tournament and is trying to save the main event with the participation of Khabib Nurmagomedov, who was in danger of being disrupted due to the fact that the Russian’s rivals fell out of the card one after another.. When it seemed that nothing could interfere with the show, Conor said his word. Shortly before this, McGregor was stripped of the lightweight title and it was for this title that Khabib was supposed to fight. Probably, the Irishman was unpleasant to see that the crown of the division was slipping out of his hands, so he decided on something unimaginable.

In the company of loyal friends, Notorious organized an attack on a bus with show participants. The Irishman threw a cart at the vehicle, knocking out the window. Shrapnel injured several passengers of the bus at once.

It was not possible to disrupt the show, Nurmagomedov performed and won the champion title. Conor faced American justice, was fined, sentenced to community service. If someone simpler was in the place of the Irish star, Dana White would not have stood on ceremony and in shame would have kicked out the one who almost disrupted the numbered tournament for the sake of his own ambitions.

Conflict with fan  and broken phone

In March 2019, Conor, who was serving a suspension and did not think about fights at all, was in Florida. Even while on vacation, McGregor could not do without a scandal. Near one of the hotels, he came across a fan who, as it turned out, was photographing him with his phone near one of the nightclubs. The fighter did not like this. A conflict ensued between the parties. Its result was a gadget taken away from a “civilian”, which was immediately broken. Florida State Police charged McGregor with robbery and hooliganism. At first, Conor was behind bars for several hours, after which he was released on bail. Then the investigation began. But  The Notorious still managed to get out of the water. The fan dropped the charges, and the prosecutor was not convinced of the need to move the case further, since the victim was confused in his testimony.

Beating an old man in a pub

In August 2019, Conor found himself in perhaps the most shameful story, which was discussed by literally everyone, including his colleagues in the shop. On a summer evening, McGregor spent time in one of Dublin’s pubs. Here he contrived to come into conflict with an elderly man. The essence of the quarrel was that Conor’s victim refused to drink whiskey produced by the fighter’s company.

Generous Conor that evening decided to treat all the visitors of the pub at his own expense. However, an older man with preferences said he would not use McGregor’s “swill”, hinting at the poor quality of the drink. So Notorious nerves gave way and in response, he decided to strike a real blow, using physical force on a person in old age.

 These antics may seem too extravagant, but for this sport it is a great way to attract the attention of spectators and those who like to bet on MMA. Such behavior of McGregor only warms up the excitement of those who wish to place a bet. Surely every fan of Conor McGregor would like to win money from a bet on his win.