Fighter from the start

It should be noted that fights in the personal life of Conor McGregor were present from his early childhood. He was born on the outskirts of Dublin on July 14, 1988, and grew up as a daring and intractable boy. Parents had to repeatedly listen to instructions in the office of the director of the local school.

The situation was saved only by the sports hobby of his son – in his youth, the guy played for the school’s football team. Only mom was serious about the young man’s hobbies. It was she who settled the troubles of a pugnacious son and persuaded the sport coaches to pay as much attention to the rebellious son as possible. The father hoped that the young man would become a simple hard worker-plumber. The guy’s prospects were proved by the first victory in kickboxing competitions, won at the age of 12.

Later, McGregor became interested in mixed martial arts, performing in the techniques of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, classic boxing and taekwondo.

For more than 10 years, coach John Kavan was engaged in the formation of a young fighter. It was he who instilled in the athlete the golden rule of wrestling – you cannot surrender after defeat. According to the mentor, only one who, after a fall, gets up and continues to work on himself, can become a real leader.

Rise to sport fame

In 2006, the athlete’s family was forced to change their place of residence. Accordingly, McGregor had to deal with mixed martial arts with another coach. The skills, imparted by Kavan, helped the young fighter to become the undisputed winner of the 2007 ROT: Ring of Truth 6 tournament.

The up-and-coming Irishman defeated Ciaran Campbell by TKO in the first five minutes of the match. In the period from 2007 to 2014, the Irishman had several high-profile victories which approved him as a new MMA star.

For  revanche in a match with Knight Diaz, who defeated McGregor in the previous fight, the athlete received the title of best fighter and an award of $ 3 million. After defeating Eddie Alvarez in 2016, Conor became the first athlete in the UFC to become a light and super lightweight champion.

The special attention of sports commentators was riveted by the meeting of the Irishman with the American fighter Floyd Mayweather. Then the competition was called in the press the fight of the century, and the rivals, long before the fight, exchanged impartial comments about each other.

McGregor promised to tear the opponent to pieces, however, lost the fight in round 10 by the judge’s decision. The referee announced a technical knockout, stopping the fierce fight between the fighters.

Conor McGregor’s most daring antics

McGregor’s behavior is sometimes being discussed even more than his fights. But it can be easily justified. UFC tournaments are run like shows – people love the show and the rabid Irishman gives it to them. Even if sometimes even outside the ring. What is it worth throwing a wastebasket into the bus of Khabib Nurmagomedov? However, here, as many have noticed, McGregor has clearly gone overboard.

Despite some dubious behaviour Conor McGregor has conquered the hearts of sport fans from all over the world.  People treat him differently but no one can deny his contribution to the popularisation of MMA fights.